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Surgical Procedures for Breast Cancer

  • Amy Scholten, MPH
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Surgical Procedures for Breast Cancer

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Surgery is mainly used to treat breast cancer. The goal is to remove the cancer and save as much of the breast and its function. Surgery is often one part of a treatment plan. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also be included. Chemotherapy can also be used before surgery to shrink the tumor.

Breast-saving Surgeries

Breast-saving surgeries are often used for women in the early stages of cancer. They may be used along with radiation. This surgery involves removing the tumor and a small area of healthy tissue around it. Breast-sparing surgery types include:

  • Lumpectomy
  • Wide excision
  • Segmentectomy
  • Quadrantectomy
  • Partial mastectomy

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Not all women with early stage breast cancer can have these types of surgery. It depends on the tumor and other health conditions.


A mastectomy is the removal of the breast. Sometimes this involves removing lymph nodes. The type will depend on how much the cancer has spread and if breast reconstruction will be done.


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Other Procedures

The lymph nodes are often removed and tested for cancer. This can help find if cancer has spread. The types are:

  • Sentinel node biopsy—A sentinel node is the first lymph node that a tumor drains into. Other nodes are checked until the they are clear from cancer.
  • Axillary node dissection—Many lymph nodes under the arm are removed and checked for cancer. It may be done with breast surgery or at a later date.

When lymph nodes are removed, it can lead to lymphedema. This can cause a backup of fluid into tissue.

Breast Reconstruction

The breast can be reconstructed. This can be done with a mastectomy. Or, it may be done at a later date, or not at all.


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  • Mohei Abouzied, MD, FACP
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